Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What To Do With The Birthday Boy

Ok, so "birthday boy" might not be the right term considering Mac is about to turn 33 but I can't stop thinking of things I'd like to do for his birthday.  Mac is the kind of guy that likes to keep things low key, very low key.  So here are two low key trip ideas for him (that I would also enjoy) and a plan for a fun local evening.  

Beer Tasting Weekend In San Diego:

What guy could say "no" to a weekend of beer tasting, beach bike rides, and amazing food?  It seems like new breweries are popping up all over San Diego and Mac and I have been dying to try them, and San Diego is only about an hour and a half from his place.  Nothing like a birthday stay-cation to make things exciting! 

Cozy Weekend In San Francisco: 

Mac and I love San Francisco and you can't get much more relaxed than drinking clam chowder in a bread bowl at Boudin's and sitting at the Buena Vista Cafe sipping Irish Coffee's while watching the cable cars turn around.  Love the feel of the ocean air with the fog rolling in!

Local Night Out:
Most likely option is the most low key, a fun night staying in our area.  M.O.D burgers from 1321 Downtown Taproom, some of their great beers on tap, bowling, and drinks at the San Franciscan-a lounge that I'm pretty sure hasn't been changed since it was built in 1963! 

Whatever he chooses to do I'm sure he'll have a great time next week.  What have you guys done for fun birthdays?

P.S. Travelzoo has had some great deals for San Francisco and San Diego lately, check 'em out!

Irish Coffee and soup pictures are from our last great trip to San Francisco.  Beer, bowling, bikes, bridge, cable car,cocktails,burger


  1. Just hog-tie him to the roof of your car and take him as far as you can go before you need to get gas - how's that for a surprise birthday weekend?

    (I'm so full of helpful ideas)


  2. These all sound like AMAZING plans–remind me to bookmark this and return come May! We used to do big family vacations for my dad's + my birthdays, so these days I like to keep it simple and low key: cake, bubbly and my guy!

  3. Beer tasting is the best. Kirby did this with her boyfriend. Such a hit!

  4. Beer tasting is the best. Kirby did this with her boyfriend. Such a hit!

  5. What fun birthday plans! Let us know which one he decides to go with and bring us back some pictures. =)


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