Friday, January 13, 2012


First let me say "Happy Friday!!!!!" this week has gone by so fast and this is what it has made me grateful for:
  • Coffee!!!   I've been getting plenty of sleep but that first morning sip has been like heaven in a cup! 
  • Thank you technology for inventing video chats!  I came home Monday night planning to get every chore in the world accomplished and instead had a two and a half hour video chat with long lost Lauren.  Time well spent, nothing like a coffee date across the miles.
  • Love that when discussing who to invite over for dinner this weekend Mac's first words were "how about Frank and Sharon" (my aunt and uncle)  so grateful that everyone loves spending time together as a family!
  • So happy to have found that the nail place by my work does good $10.00 pedicures, $10.00!!!  And they only take about 30 minuets so my co-worker and I could go on a lunch break, so relaxing!
  • I think we can all agree that shopping for jeans is not always an easy/enjoyable task.  Easier for men given their jeans have actual measurements but ladies my closet ranges between 4 different sizes and they all fit, not ok.  Really I just want uniform sizing,  to be able to go into a  store and know that the size I select will not make me muffin top like a fresh baked snack!

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    1. Amen to the jeans situation, dear. Have you ever tried the Slim cut from H&M? They are a normal rise skinny jean that rest perfectly in "muffin top-long crack" zone. I'd give 'em a shot. As always, H&M sizes do run a little weird...but these have been absolutely PERFECT.

    2. HORRAY for a wonderful week, but seriously, boo to size discrepancies. The worst is within a single store, or the same style of jean!!

    3. Yes please. I had it when I am a 6 in one store and a 2 in another..


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