Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Hold On, I'll Put Mr. Allen On The Phone."

"And the phone rings and a voice on the other end says 'How would you like to be this years vodka man?', and I say 'No. I'm an artist, I do not do commercials. I don't pander. I don't drink vodka and if I did, I would not drink your product.' He said 'Too bad. It pays $50,000 dollars.' and I said 'Hold on, I'll put Mr. Allen on the phone.'"

Ok, so I came across these working on the post below. I have always loved this Woody Allen stand up about vodka but had no idea they ran a campaign that was Moscow Mule inspired. In. Love. There are few people who can pull off awkward yet adorable like Woody Allen and now I find him with a drink I love. This just couldn’t make me any happier!

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  1. His early stuff was so freaking hilarious and brilliant! I still love him but man.


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