Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Would You Have An Autumn Wedding?

As many of you know I am an autumn freak so a fall wedding always sounded brilliant to me but I have been surprised lately to see the trend growing and just how many autumn weddings are popping up.  In fact, Mac and I are invited to three weddings this year and none of them are in the summer.  We have one in late September and two back to back in late October.

What do you think, would you risk the possible chilly weather for off season rates and easier hotel/flight bookings for guest?  Or would you want the guarantee of sun and a classic summer wedding?

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  1. Autumn is practically the only time you can count on warm weather in SF! My parents were married in October, and I've always loved autumn weddings.

  2. I would prefer an spring or summer wedding, but I'm sure a autumn wedding must be very beuatiful with all those colours :)


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