Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Love Note

This last weekend reminded me how grateful I am for all the wonderful people in my life.  Do you ever have those times that are so fabulous you want to seal them up in a bottle so that you can pull them out when those gloomy days come along?  That was this whole weekend.  

Plans to go to a wedding with my friend Blake on Saturday to see two of our college friends get married turned into the best weekend! He called me up last week to tell me that he had a big surprise and could I come out Friday night and spend the weekend on the couch.  How can you resist when the word surprise is involved?  So I kissed Mac goodbye for the weekend, grab my case, and before I knew it Blake and I were at the theatre seeing Prascilla Queen of the Dessert.  Broadway, drag queens, and was SO much fun.  If you have the chance go see it!  We decided to finished the night by sitting on his balcony eating pizza under the twinkle lights and sharing a jelly doughnut. 

Saturday Blake and I were off to the wedding in beautiful Ojai eating wedding cake, drinking pink champagne, and finishing off the night by dancing under a downpour of glittering confetti.  It felt like a dream.  And the topper was that while I was out of town my family had invited Mac over for a BBQ.  I love that my family love him as much as I do and that he spent the day playing with my niece and drinking beer with my brothers whether I was there or not. 

At this moment I can't feel more thankful to have such amazing friends and a boyfriend that really is part of the family.  Now can I just skip work and live the weekend over again?  When was the last time you had a great catch up with old friends?  Is your significant other part of the family?

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