Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raspberry Pink Champagne French Macarons

What do I love? Champagne, macarons, and Mac.  So what could be more perfect for Valentine's than heart shaped raspberry pink champagne french macarons?  

When I was trying my hand at the champagne macarons a couple weeks ago I realized the only thing that could make them better would be adding raspberry, and when you're making them pink you might as well use pink champagne right?  So I started experimenting and the result was heavenly! I had so much fun shopping for pink champagne,baking these little treats, taking pictures, and of course eating them for breakfast this morning.  

If you're feeling a little adventurous give them a try as a special treat for you Valentine or share them with friends you love! Recipe and more photos after the jump!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

For these heart shaped babies I used my basic macaron recipe, minus the pumpkin pie spice and ginger.  

Tips For Macarons:
To color the macarons I use a food coloring concentrate such as Wilton's concentrate paste.  I find it's best to add the color after you have added the cream of tartar while you are beating the egg whites stiff.  This gives the color time to work in without over beating your eggs. 

The great thing about macarons is that you can have fun making shapes with them as long as you keep your piping even.  For these simply draw a heart with your piping bag keeping your had steady, piping even, and shapes roughly the same size. 

Tips For Buttercream:
The flavors for this recipe really come from the buttercream.  I used this buttercream recipe and divided it in quarters, freezing three quarters and leaving one to work with for the macarons. Once you have made your buttercream beat in the ingredients below for your smooth raspberry pink champagne filling. And remember to always use a champagne that you would want to drink since that flavor is going to run throughout your macarons. 

For Buttercream:

  • 3 tbs raspberry jam
  • 1/4 cup pink champagne (brut rose)
Have a great time and enjoy these little treats!


  1. These macarons look beautiful and delicious!!! =)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. That's it. I need to try these things and finally get over my macaron-making phobia.

  3. WOW–these look amazing!! Happy Valentine's Day, darling!

  4. Oh wow, these are so adorable! Love the way they turned out!


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