Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitchen Essentials: Cake Stand

Over the years I have slowly been collecting kitchen essentials and accessories.  What can I say, I spend half my time in the kitchen so I might as well spend my money there too.  Along with a french press I was craving a cake stand for Christmas and these are a few I found in my search.  

I ended up getting a beautiful glass stand with a dome and I love it!  It was perfect for the cake I made New Years Eve, and now that I'm giving up sugar for a few weeks (ugh!)  it is perfect to keep my fruit in and actually looks pretty cute.  I'm so excited to have it for serving sweets at a party or even using as a pretty cheese plate.     

What do you think are cake stands out dated or would you give up a little counter space to fit one in your kitchen?  

Links to all the cake stands are available here!


  1. Ironically I'm a cupcake teacher & cake decorator, yet I don't have a cake stand! I think they are absolutely beautiful and next time I'm in a home store I'm going to think of purchasing one!! The cakes must look beautiful on them!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I had the most beautiful cake stand from my mom, and I loved that thing so much. Until the mirror on the wall behind it came crashing down in my old apartment and shattered it :( I still haven't found the right one to replace it with. Maybe one of these will do the trick!

  3. Sadly, I don't own a cakestand :(

    I think I need one in my life. And a french press. I need one of those too :)

  4. I've had a hankering for a cake stand lately, too!


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