Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gold. Champagne. Macarons.

Gold. Champagne. Macarons.  Nuf said!  I am dying over here just thinking of this delicious treat and am hardly able to contain myself because I am making them on Friday.  I want to make them now.  Now.  But I know that macarons are better fresh and that these will be perfect for my friend's bachelorette party this weekend!  

There are a few ways to make these but I am going to start with a simple buttercream and add champagne similar to this recipe then brush my macaron recipe with gold dust and hopefully I'll get a similar look.  
I am so happy that I came across this idea before the party because I think the ladies will love them.  Gold. Champagne. Macorons.   Have I mentioned I'm excited?  Is it wrong to be this thrilled by a macaron?

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P.S. If you can put my essence in a cookie I'd really like this to be the one...or snickerdoodles cuz that's just a fun word to say.  


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