Monday, July 9, 2012

Week In Review

What a week!  Since my dad's birthday it feels like things have been going non-stop and I love it.  Mac and I had a wonderful 4th of July, his sister's birthday, filled with ice cream cake, neighborhood fire works, and late night In-N-Out Burger...sometimes you just have to splurge. 

The rest of the week included a movie date night (we saw To Rome With Love and Brave), low cal ice cream for dinner, swimming with friends, a trip to the children's section of Barnes and Noble, and sipping margaritas in the evening.  Don't you just love having a vacation week in your own back yard?


  1. Too funny–I was just thinking John and I should make a movie date to see To Rome With Love and grab In-n-Out tonight! Sounds like a wonderful, whirlwind week!

  2. mmm that ice cream looks divine :)

  3. oh, I am so jealous you live in CA!! Your freckles are gorgeous btw...Can I please have them!? Oh and happy birthday top your dad:)


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