Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We did it, we were 2,500 feet above ground in a hot air balloon.  Here are a few of the pictures from the flight.  It was like being in a dream, even a few days later Mac and I are still saying if it wasn't for the pictures we wouldn't have believed it happened.  

 Believe it or not there was absolutely no fear of heights.  You you don't feel the motion at all when you're in the air, just quiet and peace.  I feel so thankful that Mac and I got to experience this wonderful day, watching the sunrise over the mountains, seeing six lakes at one time, and being overwhelmed by the smell of orange blossoms as we drifted over groves in bloom! 


  1. that is incredible! i have always wondered if i'd enjoy that or turn into a mess on a hot air balloon ride, but i bet it's just wonderful :)


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