Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mom's Birthday!

Well believe or not that lovely lady turned 67 on February 1st (and she's lost about 35 lbs since this picture was taken last year, inspiration)  So this past weekend my brother, sister-in-law and I went to my parent's home in Cambria to celebrate.  A few weeks ahead of time I started plotting birthday gifts-first thought Downton Abbey and it was obviously the right choice! 

Somehow in between morning walks on the coast, lunches, and dinner out we managed to go through a few bottles of champagne and about 5 episodes of Downton in a day and a half.  Nothing like sipping on bubbly at yelling at Thomas with my father is a patient man to deal with our antics.  But there's nothing so special as having a kindred spirit in your mother, someone with the same tastes and sense of humor, who may or may not curse like a sailor at the characters on TV.

Love you Momma!


  1. I love her too! And the fact that both of our mothers curse more than the two of us do combined when the mood strikes them!

  2. What a wonderful, inspiring Mama. I'm always so grateful me and my mom get along so well–she's my first phone call whether the news is happy or sad!


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