Friday, February 24, 2012

Mirror Mirror

It's time to be productive! (At least this is what I have been telling myself before I give up and watch Downton Abbey Saturday mornings)  But this weekend it's really going to happen.  Other than tonight Mac and I have no big plans over the weekend and I desperately need to fill the white space over my new sofa, yaaaay!

I thought about using a great Funny Face print but can't seem to find an image large enough to turn into a poster.  I then thought about printing out a lot of my favorite photos in black and white and painting all the frames one color, mustard or turquoise.  And then I thought why not do the same thing with mirrors.  My place is small, the mirrors will capture all the beautiful morning sunlight, aaaaand it might be a lot simpler!  

So this weekends' plan, scour the thrift stores, find decent mirrors in at least halfway decent frames, and paint the hell out of them.  

What are your thoughts loves, I'm still open to oppinions.  A gallery wall full of black and white photos or mirror gallery?

photos via pinterest (of course)


  1. I love the mirror idea! The mirrors above our tv are cute, but I like the idea of doing it in different shapes with the same color frames, it'll definitely brighten everything up a TON. :)

  2. I think a tasteful combination of both could turn out quite lovely.

  3. MIRROR WALL! And I like Robin's idea to throw in a few random photos as well, but definitely let the mirrors be the main focus!


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