Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Portland Food-Tasty n Sons

Hello friends! Mac and I just got back from a better then awesome trip to Portland, but before I can talk about the trip I have to talk about the food. You know how we are, if this was a sinking ship it would be food and booze first. So first up on the Portland food review is our first, wonderful, meal out. Tasty n Sons is located in North East Portland and is truly eclectic. Brunch that’s served ‘til 2:30 and get your own coffee bar set in an industrial setting, happiness before we even sat down. Take a look at the photos and keep in mind this is a limited sampling of their amazing food. Lauren suggested we eat family style and it was the perfect way to try a variety. If you’re in Portland do yourself a favor and eat here!
French Toast with  with rhubarb-maple syrup & whipped cream, I love rhubarb and it gives this a wonderful tart balance to the sweet maple.

Shakshuka; red pepper & tomato stew, with baked eggs and sausage.  Looks messy but is so satisfying.

Croque Madame with sunny side up eggs.  I had no idea there was a way to justify croque for breakfast, love it!

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