Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Do You Have A Home Office?

Darlings, do you have a home office set up?  I have slowly been developing mine and working from home I am always coming up with new ideas.  I have also realized how much colors and aesthetics effect my mood.  It's silly but I really am happier working with my gold and aqua notebooks drinking tea out of my cute little teapot.  What inspires you to get working and what can you not live without on your desk?

You can get the aqua Poppin notebook here.  I love their whole line of office products.  

The beautiful gold dot Kate Spade notebook can be found here.  

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  1. John and I swapped our big manly desk for a petite secretary about a year ago to make more room in our cozy living room, and I just love it! To be fair though, I rarely use it–I'm a work-at-the-kitchen-table kind of girl!


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