Tuesday, October 1, 2013

28 Years Of Gratitude


October is here and so is my birthday!  I could not be more grateful for the year that I've had and for all the opportunities I have coming my way.  I was sitting the other day reading and just started smiling thinking about the wonderful friends, family, and man that I have in my life.  It is so easy to get stressed, disappointed, or down when we don't achieve what we had planned...but then I have to remind myself I have had 28 years of love, support, and kindness coming my way and what could be worth more than that.  Here's to those who make the years that much better! 

Now, let's go celebrate October like we mean it!  Time for that birthday PSL!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes come true~

    always, koru kate

  2. Happy, happy, happiest birthday, darling!!


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