Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Peak Inside My Kitchen

Now, normally I would say that this is "our" kitchen but Mac doesn't really give a hoot what goes on in the kitchen as long as it's clean.  So, I took the chance to decorate the heck out of it.  I would usually wait until the first day of autumn but September around here has been feeling so autumnal I just had to get started.  

I have to say our kitchen is more than I hoped for in a rental, if it had a gas stove and a normal sized oven I'd adore it.  I love the cozy feel of the wood, our bright white counters, and that fact that all my Tiffany blue accents fit the vintage feel perfectly.  I'll be posting more pictures of our home soon but I just had to share these lovely oranges and blues. 

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  1. Eep–how darling! It's vintage heaven, and I love all the fall additions!


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